23 May 2016

Lush Unhaul and Giveaway

Now I am not the biggest beauty blogger out there but I have a huge soft spot for Lush products (I mean, who doesn't?) and always end up with too many to use. It happens. Recently, I was sorting through all the things I've accumulated over Christmas and my birthday and realised I have things that I have no intention of using but are still in really good shape.

20 May 2016

Where to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts

Charline Has a Blog
Last year I guested on Charline Has a Blog's #NoteToSelf series after she most graciously helped me when I needed guest bloggers to cover my New Zealand trip. This post first featured on Charline Has a Blog, 20th May 2015.

16 May 2016


From May 9th to the 15th I decided to take part in my first ever #boutofbooks readathon! Going in, I had no TBR list, or at least not a permanent one and the only goal I had was to up my book count to get ahead of schedule for my target of reading 52 books in 2016. An update on my progress with that. On the first day of the challenge my Goodreads had me at 24 of 53 (because I had to add a DNF to my read list and it felt like cheating for that to count towards my 52 for the year so I upped the target. Here's a bit of a log of what I got up to during the readathon.